So you want a lot of internet traffic on your website, don’t you?

Here you can find a couple of solutions that could boost your traffic. The idea is very old, and is:

For one you give one you receive Does what the name suggests. It counts the traffic that you produce in the sites of others and allow you to collect points. You can then spend these points for having others watching your pages.

Some key features:

  • They provide an automatic way to visualise pages and a manual way.
  • Pages are subject to review
  • They provide some games for making the experience more enjoyable.
  • You can exchange banner too.



What follows is the promotional banner if you are curious - Website Traffic Exchange


In a coming post i will share with some statistics in order to quantify the benefit of this solution. However is clearly a must for websites that are not usually indexed in google ( like porn 😉 )

Here you can find a link to the demo of

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