On Traffic and Referral: Source Clocking

This technique is commonly use for masking the source in order to not disclose information regarding the technique that you are using for producing it.


1. Go to Google chrome and search for your website with the keyword you wish (use the address bar to conduct the search);
2. Locate the search result on the page;
3. Right click the search result and select “copy URL/link”; if you use this link in a traffic exchange or any other place that leaves a referrer you’ll end up on Google’s redirect page

4. (Solution) Use refnull to cloak the link’s referrer.


Other ways include:

  • Changing your referral using a paying service like http://fakereferer.com
  • Use a free service for blanking (i.e. no source) your traffic http://blankreferer.com


So you want a lot of followers on your twitter account, don’t you?

Real people or bot followers? This is not the question that I will try to answer in this news.

The point is: how to get a reasonable number of followers in a reasonable short amount of time without using a paying service. 

Moreover: how you can be sure that these user stick around and that they are not fake?  

What follows is a set of services that should help you in this quest.



Point 1: how to have followers  

  • http://twiends.com helps the visibility of your account with nice wall that collects your tweets (this is an example of wall ) and gives you the possibility gain points for following others. You can spend these points for having other following you.
  • http://twimod.com similar to the previous it helps you in find followers that could match your interests are and willing to follow you. You must verify your account and perform other activities that make the system resilient to bot.
  • http://targetgrow.com and http://tweetlift.com these services work for one week only. It use the “favorite” feature of twitter for attracting new followers.
  • http://plusfollower.info and http://naturalfollowers.eu these are just two of a long series. You login and you start gain followers: at the same time your account start following some of them. You can use them in a ripetitive way and keep adding new followers. Note that sometimes they may post some tweet on your behalf and that people that to unfollow you quickly
  • http://500followers.com and http://300followers.com similar to the previous one, but you can use them only once in a day and they give you about 10 followers. The first impression is that they sound more “professional” then the previous



Point 2: how do you monitor your followers 

  • http://who.unfollowed.me offers you a way to see who decide to quit following you. The interface is a bit primitive but it serves the purpose.
  • http://manageflitter.com offer a more professional look and feel. The free version however has the same functionalities of the previous one.
  • https://unfollowers.com  keeps track to who is no longer following you and allow you to send a nice welcome message to your new followers
  • http://www.socialbro.com analyses your users and try to profile them according to the criteria that you decided.
  • http://commun.it help you manage the community and put some structure in your followers. The free version always link back to common.it and it is a bit annoying.



Point 3: how to remove these applications

in case you are not happy of one or more of them you can remove ( revoke the access ) of your account by going to https://twitter.com/settings/applications



Bonus: something more for your visibility:


Bonus2: twitter in autopilot 

  • https://roundteam.co useful if you plan to have a twitter account retweeting someone else tweets in automatic. Not exactly intuitive to use but does what it says.
  • http://www.socialoomph.com useful if you want to retweet from feeds using several social networks like Facebook, App.net, Plurk etc. However the free version works with twitter only
  • http://twitterfeed.com periodically scan your feed sources and tweets about the changes.