SEO Service

Building links to your website is an incredibly important part of search engine optimisation. Now, more than ever, Google and other search engines are putting incredibly priority on the quality of your backlinks.

 Take the example of Yahoo directory, you have to access Yahoo Directory Submit and work from there. You will be required to open a Yahoo account, if you don’t have one already. The review process will cost $299, and is no guarantee that your website will be listed.

The Directory Host for Me offers as well the possibility to publish your links in a top quality web directory that is human edited.

You can have a free service just by  clicking to “add your link” in the proper sub-directory.

Do you want more paying less?!? With a small donation for supporting this initiative can benefit from Featured Link and a Featured Page: a service that will increase the visibility of your website in all the search engines without the need to pay for generating traffic.

Here you will find an example: Directory Host for me  . It is a proved method for adding 20-50 back links to your website!


Would you like to see the results? 

Take the example of this Italian web site that we recently featured: in the picture below you can find that we were able to add 70 back links to the website of this online shop.

Back links from (click to enlarge the image)

More results!?! In the picture below you can see that the majority of our back links are pointing exactly where our customer decided

The back links point exactly where you want them (Click to Enlarge the image)




What are you waiting for?!? Do you want something similar for you website too?

All you have to do is:

  • Check “Put my Donation on the Recognition Wall” and fill in the required information in the form below.
  • You will receive detailed information for publicising your featured link and building your featured page (*).


The process period is between maximum 48 hours and at the moment is <14.7> h !





(*) If you can write a word document you can also do this too! 🙂