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following your suggestions we decided to implement the new categories that you can see. In order to improve the visibility in Google we also generate a manual sitemap that point directly to the links in the category



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Directory Host for Me

Screen_shot_2012-05-19_at_8.06.18_PM_400x400A new online directory with the name Directory Host For Me is born. The service offers submission of quality link in order to increase their visibility.

On the home page of the directory Host For Me you can find a number of categories and you can choose the most appropriate where suggest a site and then add a brief description.

The directory also  offers a VIP service to featured links. In exchange of  small fee you can greatly increase the visibility of your link; in particular it can be included as a further link and build a dedicated page similar to the one that you are reading now. In addition you will obtain a place in the VIP link section.

Directory Host For Me is encouraging you to consider the Featured Links service as an opportunity for increasing your visibility in popular search engine like google. You can do that by filling the online form and the link will be’ approved within 24-48 hours.

If the link that you are promoting produce also news feeds they will also be included in our syndication service for an additional boost of visibility.

In summary, with this service:



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